March 19, 2015

Give Action A Chance

chess-316657_1280Meet Action. He is not very popular.

But Action doesn’t care. Because HE knows that those who give him a chance will see how powerful he is.

Action knows that people are always in their minds. Thinking about why they SHOULDN’T do things.

“Are you really going to write a book? YOU?!”  

“He can’t run a business, he’s not a real leader”

“He really thinks he can make money online? LOL!” 

Action is hidden in plain sight. The evidence of Action can be seen everywhere.

Like Stanley Tang who wrote a bestselling book on Amazon at 16. 

Jon Morrow..I’m not going to give this one away. One thing: READ IT. It will be the most inspirational story you read this week!

But it doesn’t matter. Because people who don’t give action a chance tend to focus on why things shouldn’t work for themselves.

“Well, he can do it because he is so smart/good looking/witty/confident/more experienced/insert other crap here.”

Well, i am here to tell you that it’s simply not true! You CAN do a lot more than you think you can.

It’s just that most people are living in disempowered states most of the time, and those are not the best glasses to see a world of opportunity through.

It’s not that people are unhappy, and then the world shows them how good it can be and they start to feel better.

People eventually get so FED UP with their current situation, which will force them to take ACTION.

The man on top off the mountain didn’t fall there – Vince Lombardi

If you want to feel better, start to think better thoughts! If you want to make more money, think of ways you can add more value to people’s life’s. If you want to write a book, start writing each day.

It doesn’t really matter WHAT you want to accomplish.

It all starts with daily action. And you can do it. Why not start today?

Now, if you start asking yourself this question, and your mind starts coming up with REASONS, realize what they really are: EXCUSES.

These EXCUSES are the WALLS between you and taking ACTION. Break them down. Ignore them. Visualize stepping on a bulldozer and driving right into the wall of all your excuses.

And start thinking about what you can do daily to get closer to the life you want.

Now don’t make it harder on yourself. Keep it simple!

Break it down into 2 or 3 simple things you will do daily.

Want to become healthy?

1. Excercise
2. Eat healthy

Want to write a book?

1. Read
2. Write

Want to make money online?

1. Build your list
2. Build relationship with list
3. Promote awesome offers or your own products to list

Things are often very simple, but we are so complex that we start making imaginary obstacles which get in the way of our dreams.

Instead of focusing on ALL the ACTION you have to take, see what it will bring you. See how it can enrich your life. Imagine doing it for 10 years in a row.

Start to feel motivated?

Here’s my 2 cents:

Give action a chance. It WILL change your life.

Jasper Oldersom

Hey, I am Jasper and I am an authentic freelance (copy)writer and marketer. If you need time to focus on other parts of your business, while I write a quality article for your website - I'm your guy.

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Katrin - August 16, 2015 Reply

I’ve met action. Some days ago. And the day after. And the day after.
I’ve met action yesterday, too.
In some way, my relationship to action is a similar one like I had to my dog. We enjoyed each other. My commitment was to go for a walk with him.
My commitment to action is to just do it.
But last night I thought … I am tired. I need a break. Why don’t you find someone else who takes you for a walk?
This morning I woke up and I had forgotten those last thoughts. I just did what I did the last days and weeks. Going forward.
Katrin recently posted…When Working Efficiently Is Non-NegotiableMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - August 16, 2015 Reply

    Haha thanks Katrin, loved your comment! I like walking my dog too so i like that analogy. Sometimes i’d love him to just walk himself though..Haven’t figured that out yet. Oh well..

    We can’t become too passive..Or passive becomes our default. So i salute you on picking it up again 🙂 I always like to do at least something each day. Either working or learning something new, i just want to feel that feeling of progress. Or just fail on something. You learn from that too.

    Thanks a lot for stopping by 😀

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…This Simple but Untapped Strategy can Make You a Popular BloggerMy Profile

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