September 22, 2015

Are You Keeping This in Mind When Selling Your Products or Services Online?

1442963097_icon-93If you want to have good copy, you have to know what your customer wants.

That’s pretty obvious. If you don’t know what they want, you can’t sell them anything.

But there is something else you should know about your prospects, that is perhaps way more important.

What’s that, you ask? I won’t leave you hanging with an open loop until the end of the article.

Instead, i’m going to relieve you with the answer right now…

Here it comes:

You have to know how your prospects feel about what they want.

Ever been to a shopping mall? Big chance you regularly go to one. And when you do, you may have noticed people around you that are in ‘buying moods’.

I have not only witnessed buying moods in others, but i’ve been subject to these moods myself.

When you are in one of these moods, you’ll get a rush from purchasing new clothes, accessories and other useless things things you do not really need, like gadgets. I love gadgets.

And if you see a good deal, you just won’t be able to pass up on it  just because of the price. You wouldn’t have bought it for the original price, nor did you even think of buying it before stepping into the mall.

When you got home, and the dopamine rush subsided, you finally realized you bought something you’ll barely use.

But how do feelings work when you’re selling products online, in a totally different environment? You’ll still be able to persuade your customers a great deal by engaging their feelings. It’s even proprietary that you do so!

Why does someone want a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, for example? Probably not because they value safety. They want to be seen. They want speed. And when they stop at a red right, their car is going to make them feel confident.

Below you’ll see an image and some copy for the Mercedes Maybach from the official website. How does this image and the copy next to it make you feel? (Click link to view on website)

It’s not your regular family car, right? The headline says ‘grand appearance’  and the copy tells you that governments, head of state and royal family choose this car.

The car radiates exclusivity. Royal. Elite. They appeal to the people who can afford and desire this status with the copy. Notice they do not give a single feature about the car on this section of the web page. They want to communicate that with this car, they can feel important and bathe in luxury.

Why is this so important?

People Buy On Emotion, And Justify With Logic

Are you tapping into the core desire of your prospects?

If not, I have to break the bad news: your copy isn’t going to do a great job at converting.

You will be giving them so much information that they will have to process, that they will likely procrastinate. And if they don’t think your product or service is special in some kind of way, why would they choose you anyway?

So how are you going to entice them to buy your product?

Microwave Selling 101

Well, let’s say you’re selling a microwave. Why do people buy microwaves most of the time? I guess it would be right to say they keyword here would be convenience. 

So, then it becomes obvious that you should hammer on the convenience. You’ll tell them in detail how easy and fast their new microwave will operate. Makes sense right?

People are usually not emotionally involved in a relatively simple purchase like this, so you’ll focus on the elements that are most important to your prospect.

But how about a more sophisticated product, like a house?

Could Your Potential House Buyer
Secretly Be Just Like You?

The easiest way to sell your house, or anything for that matter, is by knowing what your prospects want. First, think about what kind of home you have. Small, big, how many acres? Is there even a yard? Or a balcony? In the big city or a nobody’s town?

Different house, different needs. Makes sense doesn’t it?

If it’s your house you’re selling, you might just be the kind of prospect you’re looking for.

Why did you move into your house? The environment may also have placed a big factor. Because you just loved being in the centre of the city, and having access to everything within a 10 mile radius? Maybe because it allowed your children a save place to grow up in. Well, your prospect will likely feel the same way – and you can use that to persuade them in your ad copy.

However, maybe you own a spacious villa in the hills of LA with no near neighbors, and you thoroughly enjoyed the privacy it provided you, all while looking out on a lively city. That would require a whole different kind of selling mentality, wouldn’t it? Nevertheless, if you know how your customer feels about their potential purchase, persuading them will be quite easy.

You’ll have to think about what appealed you about the interior of your home. I’m not talking about the painting on your wall, either. For example, do you adore the open kitchen because it allowed you to cook where you live? Or do you have a very small home, and love the coziness it provides?

People Rarely Buy Purely Based
On Rational Decisions

I was watching a video the other day about a billionaire that lived on a luxury yacht. It costs about $7 million a year just to keep the thing and his 21 man crew running, but he loves the freedom it provides him and feels blessed he’s able to do it.

yacht-577007_1280When the weather is bad, no problem! He’ll simply order his captain to go somewhere else…

There aren’t many people who are able to live this kind of live, or think it is environmentally responsible to do so (it isn’t). But you can bet his (very small) niche market of billionaires will want to buy a luxury yacht like his for those very same reasons.

For a purchase like this, everything will essentially rely on emotion.


Because there is simply no rational reason to buy a $100 million dollar yacht.

Nobody needs one.

But frankly, having a huge yacht all for yourself – and having a 21 person crew running the show to make sure you have fun each day is almost living like a king, ain’t it?


I hope I managed to show you how utterly important it is that you’ll figure out exactly what it is your customer wants, how they feel about what they want, and then appealing to these desires in your copy.

It can (and most likely will be) be a vital difference between average copy that bombs (fails) , or copy that sells. I’d like you to look at your current copy and see how you could change it today by appealing to the desires of your prospects.

Don’t change it just yet…just brainstorm and let the thoughts flow through your mind. Write some new copy tomorrow….Then come back again to edit your copy after 24 hours, and you’ll be able look at it from a fresh perspective. Good copy gets better if you give it some time!

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Jasper Oldersom

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Adrienne - September 22, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

You are SO right! For most things we definitely do buy with our emotions instead of our heads.

As you know I wouldn’t say I’m the best writer around but I’ve learned a few things throughout my time blogging. There is NO way though that I could ever write a great sales letter or a webpage that would convert well. That’s why I so admire anyone who has the ability to write in this way and you totally understand how to pull at people’s emotions.

I love this post and definitely will be sharing it. I know we all should learn how to do this but then again some of us just need help. Thank goodness there are people like you for that Jasper.

Hope your week is going well.

Adrienne recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Interview SeriesMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 23, 2015 Reply

    Hey Adrienne,

    Oh yeah. Some people are definitely more analytical than others, but even the most analytical people will often go with what “feels” to be the right choice after tossing and weighing.

    You are an excellent writer, i’ve told you that before, but I really appreciate your compliments Adrienne.

    I already saw you shared my article on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+ so I just want to say THANK YOU!! for that as well.

    My week is absolutely going well so far, I hope yours is too my friend 🙂

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Mark - September 23, 2015 Reply

Well stated Jasper!

And your excellent post definitely bares out what you’ve shared.

That being, it really doesn’t matter what the particular product and
or service is,provided we understand our prospects main emotional
motivations for wanting to own or lease it!

It’s so easy to just cover the Mary Jane plain features, not realizing it’s
definitely the benefits that every body craves!

And your excellent post has done a fabulous job, of not only pointing that out,
but providing real use able examples, to help us learn to consistently do it as well!

Thanks so much!This one was very easy to digest!
Mark recently posted…Three Ways Some Internet Marketing Companies Actually Cannibalize Themselves!My Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 23, 2015 Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the compliments, i’m so glad you enjoyed reading this post. I agree, it’s very easy to consume 🙂

    Absolutely, no matter what you’re selling, you need to understand your prospects desires for it and appeal to them.

    When you give people nothing but features, their brain will go on overdrive. Something like “shockwave patented technology” sounds cool, but all the customer wants to know is – what does this mean for mé?

    Thank you for stopping by Mark, it’s always good to see you here.

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Jane - September 23, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

I have no choice except agreeing with you on this. I have to say you’ve nailed it.

From my personal experience I can say emotions play a major role in any purchase. Funnily, people usually say that women shop crazy and buy stuff they don’t need, when they are emotionally challenged.

But this applies to men too. As in your example of the yatch I would say mostly money decides how to handle emotions. If a billionaire is emotionally convinced to buy that yatch, and if he has the money, he will surely go for it.

Which is why we have to be very well aware of the emotions of our target audience (their wants, not needs), and how much they are able (and willing) to afford to get that!

It all boils down to understanding your target audience 🙂

Thanks for this wonderful post. Have a great week Jasper.

Jane recently posted…How to power up your blog with Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)?My Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 23, 2015 Reply

    Hey Jane,

    Well i’m glad you think I nailed it with this one. Thanks for the compliment!

    Haha, oh you are so right….I know for a fact men are the same way LOL. I think women are famous for their love of shopping, and that men think woman can never buy enough shoes for example. But these are generalizations and even men sometimes buy something to make them feel better.

    For example, I own multiple portable speakers. Do I need more than one? No, not really. I just have a weak spot for them. Is it really a waste of money? A little, but I do love and use the products I buy.

    I fully agree with your added points Jane 🙂

    Have a great week as well and it is so good to see you here on the blog. I saw you already shared it, that means a lot to me – so I want to say thank you for that as well!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Sherman Smith - September 23, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

I totally agree with you on this Jasper!

If you really want to grab the attention and get people to act, focus on their emotions. If you can tap into the feeling they are having then you can draw then in and have a better chance with selling your products and services.

This reminds me of some of the adds I would see on facebook. If you click on these specific adds it goes to a cartoon and a person narrating. The narrator talks about the service or products tapping into your emotions and I do have to say that it draws me in each time.

Thanks for sharing Jasper and I hope you have a great day!
Sherman Smith recently posted…9 Ways To Not Waste Your Time BloggingMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 23, 2015 Reply

    Hey Sherman,

    Exactly! I don’t remember which copywriter said this from the top of my mind, but he said “meet the reader where they already are in their minds”.

    For example, an overly worried mother that is constantly thinking about what “could” happen to their daughter – surely would instantly grabbed by a headline that says “Are You Worried About Something Happening To Your Daughter on a Daily Basis?”

    I love your example of those Facebook ads, those get really innovative these days huh 😉 I get drawn in by them as well, nobody is immune to something like that LOL. That’s why they work so well.

    So far my day has been excellent Sherman thanks for asking, I hope yours is great as well. I saw you shared my post on social media. Thank you so much for that as well, I don’t take it for granted!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Carol Stephen - September 25, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

One of the biggest errors I see in startup founders is the belief that they are not prone to buying on emotion. It’s a huge error! Thank you for hitting the nail on the head. People buy on emotion and then justify with logic. So true!

Carol Stephen recently posted…The Gamification of Social MediaMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 30, 2015 Reply

    Hi Carol,

    Everyone is prone to buying on emotion. People who say “advertising doesn’t work on me” are also kidding themselves. Advertising often works in subliminal ways that bypasses the critical brain and therefore they wouldn’t be able to know if it works on them.

    The choice has been made in the background already. The conscious brain often just has to come up with the right reasons to pull the trigger.

    Good copy should appeal to both the conscious and unconscious brain. If you do, you are actually doing your prospects a great favor – if they know it or not.

    I’m glad you like this one and thank you so much for stopping by Carol!

    – Jasper

    P.S. sorry i’m so late with my reply, I had a flu to deal with so i’m catching up now 😉
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Dan Ewah - September 28, 2015 Reply

Hi Jasper,

You are so right bro, we need as Marketers need to learn how to appeal to our customer’s emotions more than logic.

We need to focus more on benefits rather than features.

I like the fact that you laced this post with lots of stories.

It was sure an interesting read.


Dan Ewah recently posted…The Parts of an Effective Marketing Ebook that Sells – Tweak Your BizMy Profile

Kim Willis - September 29, 2015 Reply

Hi Jasper

Great point/s you’re making here

People do buy emotionally, then they justify afterwards. Of course if they can’t justify they’ll try and wriggle out of the transaction. (I think they call that buyer’s remorse.)

To do it properly you enhance people’s vision of your product/service and what it can do for them. I call it the big idea – what big idea do you have for your product that will excite your audience?

People will often spend a lot more if they see the big picture and see how it will give them a better tomorrow.

Rather than just sell to needs, lets sell to wants and passions.

Thanks Jasper

Kim Willis recently posted…Expand Your Vision and Explode Your IncomeMy Profile

Donna Merrill - October 7, 2015 Reply

Hi Jasper,

You sure hit the nail on the head. When selling something we have to dig deeply into ourselves and think about why – just like the example you have given about selling your home.

Write down those emotions then make sure they get that warm fuzzy feeling when you are writing a sales copy. I find that a bit of video helps to connect to the emotional part. When someone sees your enthusiasm, they feel it. If you are honest, they will know it.

Awesome article…I’ll be sharing this!

Donna Merrill recently posted…Are Your Subscribers Responsive To You?My Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - October 12, 2015 Reply

    Absolutely Donna!

    The WHY is so important, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that TED talk by Simon Sinek but it’s pretty amazing 🙂

    A bit of video absolutely can help and it is often a conversion booster Donna, great point. When you are selling a SAAS (software as a service), video is essential. All you have to do is showing how it works, that’s 90% of the lifting.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my article Donna!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Andrew - October 19, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

Great post here.

We do tend to buy on emotion. When I was reading this and was at the Mercedes part, I couldn’t help think of the commercials they have fr these cars. They tell absolutely nothing and just shows ff the appeal. After reading your post, I understand now. Since it’s a visual world, they have to focus on the visual and sprinkle in on the emotional appeal too.

I’m a very descriptive person but I will definitely try to play on emotions when I write from now on.

– Andrew
Andrew recently posted…Why Your Blogging Community Wants More Than Just Quality ContentMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - October 20, 2015 Reply

    Hey Andrew,

    I’m so glad you noticed that! Yes, that’s absolutely the power of Mercedes and their advertising. They will not bore you with an endless list of features.

    When describing something, just describe the benefit of the feature. Then people won’t have to ‘translate’ it themselves, and it will absolutely trigger the emotional part of their brain.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. By the way, I saw you shared it too so I want to say THANK YOU for that as well 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week Andrew,

    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Ryan Biddulph - October 19, 2015 Reply

Hi Jaspar,

Dead on post man. I buy on impulses. Always. I do little thinking. I just buy based on feeling. We’d be wise to heed your advice to boost sales and to grow our communities. Well done!

Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Download 7 eBooks for $6.93My Profile

Chris Hufnagel - October 22, 2015 Reply

Great read. Love the story format. The examples were awesome.

If you are not used to selling it can be really difficult to realize that people buy on emotion. A great exercise is to put yourself in your potential customers shoes and think “why would I buy this”? If you can not come up with the answer, you might want to think about your product a little more.

Another question you want to have answered is “what kind of mood or emotion would cause me to want a product like this”?

Doing these exercises can help anyone come up with a way to sell. Its all about perspective if you ask me!

Great post, will be back for more!
Chris Hufnagel recently posted…5 Traits of a super fast WordPress websiteMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - October 26, 2015 Reply

    Hi Chris,

    I appreciate your comment!

    Your exercise is on point 🙂 If you can’t even come up for one single reason why you would buy the product, why would your prospect? Definitely back to research mode in that case.

    The second question is also really good because you have to go into the desire. Questions are an excellent way to dig up quality information even when you ask them to yourself. Pretty rad.

    Thanks again for showing up Chris, have a great week ahead!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…How To Communicate Effectively and Become Super Likable as a BloggerMy Profile

Al Green - December 5, 2015 Reply


This is a great point and something that I often overlook. The products I promote are fitness related and there’s certainly a lot of emotion that goes into how people feel about their body image. The problem is I have not been thinking about that while I wrote.

I’ve been writing to provide information, which is well and good, but it’s not information that has pulled at the emotions. I’m going to keep this topic in mind when I’m writing my next post tomorrow.

Al Green recently posted…The Best Nootropics All In One Product – LS MindMy Profile

Jean-Pascal - May 2, 2016 Reply

Hi Jasper,

Wonderful article as always.

I love the example of selling a house. I think in many ways the best prospect is myself. It is a lot easier to examine myself and my emotions than to try to imagine how other people would feel. And if I feel a certain way, there are likely hundreds or even thousands of people feeling the same.

I think the secret is to learn to know ourselves more. What do you think?

Jean-Pascal recently posted…How To Turn Hard Work Into Easy WorkMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - May 4, 2016 Reply

    Hey Jean-Pascal,

    You are the best prospect if you are your target audience. Do people like you buy from you? If so, knowing about yourself will help you to write effective copy.

    If you are selling to an audience with different interests, beliefs and values, you’ll have to dive into their world first.

    I appreciate you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…13 Things Expert Copywriters Taught Me About Writing Persuasive CopyMy Profile

Yunita Septiana - June 27, 2016 Reply

Hi Jasper,

This is awesome.

I Always use benefit and features to build interest for my potential customer, but what you’ve shared here is more than that.

People buys based on what emotion they had, connected behind those benefit and features.

I’ve never dug that deep before.

Thanks for this wonderful post Jasper.

Will be back for sure!
Yunita Septiana recently posted…Apa Itu Jus 3 Diva, Cara Membuat, Dan Manfaatnya Untuk Promil AndaMy Profile

Puspendu Seth - September 20, 2017 Reply

This is really nice post about feelings copywriting. This post has really impress me through its quality writing. In this article i watch some new writing style which is really nice. So thanks for sharing such a awesome post.

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