Imagine The Difference Good Copy Would Have on Your Business...

Dear Reader,

Image how it would feel if you had copy that resonates with your target audience. Copy that gets them interested in what you have to offer - and buy more of your products or services....

And now think about this: Wouldn't it be great if people *instantly* knew what your service is about and what it would do for them?

There is a good chance that at this very moment your website is infested with generic copy that lacks personality - and has little to no persuasive elements. 

I understand...You have tried your best, but you just don't feel like your copy communicates what you're trying to say in a compelling way. 

And is it persuasive?

Well, maybe a little....but not nearly enough to make the sale.

It's not your fault, copywriting is a whole different ball-game. You can't simply wake up one day and write amazing copy that your audience will love and act upon - without any experience.

I get it, your website is your baby, and you don't like the idea of someone else writing your copy. You want the copy to reflect your tone of voice.

However, the more often you look at your current website copy, the more you realize that it misses the ingredients to make it sizzle. The ingredients that a real copywriter could provide. 

The problem with web copy is that everyone can write to a certain degree.

Copywriting is quite deceptive, because it's not really writing. It is salesmanship through words on a web page, an e-mail, autoresponder sequence - or whatever medium you are using to get more clients. 

I stumbled across copywriting after I had already written plenty of Google AdWords advertisements, or optimized websites for SEO purposes. 

​I quickly realized that I could help myself and many other people if I mastered the craft of selling through words. 

Here are some of the processes I go through to improve my copy skills:

I study ads from the greatest copywriters like Gary Halbert and David Ogilvy and write them out by hand for hours upon hours.

 I buy copywriting courses to help me step up to the next level, and on top of that....

I have read a whole library of books on copywriting & persuasion including:

  • Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman
  • Triggers by Joseph Sugarman
  • Influence by Robert B. Cialdini
  • Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
  • Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale

Now it's your turn to leverage someone who can construct emotionally involving and uses persuasive copy secrets for your business.

Do You Know What Your Customers Deepest Desires Are?

Simple question: If you do not know what your prospect desires, how could you sell them on the solution you have for them?

Good copy does many things, which include: 

  • It hooks the reader in
  • Answers all their questions and objections  
  • Educates them about the features, even more about benefits.
  • Gets the prospect to buy NOW.

By now you already know that it makes no sense trying to persuade someone who doesn't need your service in the first place. I will write copy directly to the people who are most likely to use and love your products or services. 

These are the kind of customers who will tell everybody they know about their over-the-top experience with you.

Your potential customers know they need your solution, they need the nudge, the clarification and the push to make them jump to action.

The other possibility is that they are not even aware they have a problem in the first place, in which case the copy has to educate them first. Great copy keeps the stage of awareness of your prospects in mind.

NOW you can finally put some personality in your copy, and show what you really stand for to attract the 20-40% who really want what you're offering...instead of failing to appeal to the 100%.

If I we're to infuse your copy with the hidden secrets of ethical persuasion, (without the hype) - would you be interested? 

IF you are saying to yourself "that sounds like something I need for MY business!"......then:

Let's work on your copy.

Do you want to stand out from the competition
& make more sales?

Let me help you with your copywriting.

Finally, An Affordable And Easy Way To Get Copy That Generates Conversions. 

Copywriters are expensive. Some charge over $50.000,- for a sales letter and a commission of up to 5% on each sale you make. 

But I won't do that to you....

I write effective copy with personality & punch for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners.

My goal is to provide affordable (not cheap), but effective copy to you. 

See what I just did there? That's called qualifying.

No, I cannot write your whole website copy for $100. Neither can I write you an effective sales letter for $150. I'm also not a "push-button" copy-generator. 

If that's what you're looking for, check Fiverr for some good reviews (I  promise you, the copy will stink).

But if you understand the value of good copy, then you also understand the cost of not having good copy....So the question I have to ask you then, is:

Can you really afford having bad copy on your website any longer?  ​

Your copy could be infused with personality and attract your target audience. Not only that, but It could attract those who are most likely to buy your product or service. 

Your opportunity is NOW and it is handed over to you on a silver platter.

​So what do you say, are you ready to make a difference for your business?

Let's have a talk.

Do you want to stand out from the competition
& make more sales?

Let me help you with your copywriting. 

I offer a free consultation so we can see if we are a good fit,
and you can tell me all about your business.

By tapping into the jaw-dropping power of copywriting you can make more sales and seriously improve your brand. How's that for your bottom-line? 

Let's clear away the fog, and talk about your business - so I can write the breathtaking copy that will get you the results you've been wanting all along. 

Do you really want to continue your business with mediocre copy? 

In as little as 2-6 weeks from now, you could enjoy the benefits that fabulous copy brings to you and your business. 

What are these benefits? Well, i'm so glad you asked!

Let me sum it up for you:

  • Start attracting the customers who are most likely to benefit most from your service (these are the people will RAVE about your company to everyone they know, think Apple)
  •  You will enjoy the power of positioning which will instantly give you an edge over your competition (David Ogilvy said that nothing is more important in advertising than the way you POSITION your product or service. Think it's important for your website, too?)
  • Your copy will NOT be boring. (You can't persuade someone who isn't listening to you, same goes for your copy..)
  • I will absolutely destroy any jargon on your website, this is foreign language for your customers. I will STRICTLY write in language that your target audience already uses and understands (even if this means I will have to ask you a lot of questions)
  • On the web, you have just 5 seconds to convince someone before you lose their attention. If I write your copy, your prospects will *instantly* know what your service will do for them.

3 Simple But Rude Little Questions Your Copy Needs To Answer

  • So What?
  • Who Cares?
  • What's In It For Me?

This may sound harsh, but you really DO need to ask yourself these questions.

If not, you might just end up with a self-centered boring text that will put your readers to sleep - or worse, get them to click away and never EVER see them ever again........

For example, your customers could care less that you have been in business for over 35 years. They want to know what's in it for them.

I'm not saying that this doesn't mean anything. But you have to tell your customers why they will benefit from you being in business for that long.

"We have been in business for over 35 years. Through the years, we have perfected the way we create our Pizza's. We started with a very basic menu of only 4 Pizza's.

But after 16 years of experimentation with a select test group of loyal customers, we have now come up with a menu of Jim's Organic Pizza's that are healthy and tasty.

We exclusively use organic ingredients and prepare them in a slightly different way than usual, which will make them taste like nothing you have ever experienced before." 

You have shared a story. Now they know why your experience is important to them. Your experience is now a benefit, adds major credibility to your copy and makes you stand out from all those other Pizza companies. 

Likewise, I will find an interesting way to present your product or service so they will perceive it as special. Because if it isn't, the only way you can differ is by price. And  who wants price shoppers, right? 

I call these type of businesses "busynesses". They are making just enough money to keep spinning in their hamster wheels.

I want you to have that edge over your competitors, by simply using the copywriting principles that have stood the test of time and have worked for years.

I will apply these to your website, only after doing the brainstorming & research necessary for me to get comfortable with your audience. 

By now you can already see how easily good copy could transform your business. But you might wonder: what can you do for me?

Here's What I can Do For You

  • Whitepapers 
  • Email Copy (broadcasts / autoresponders)
  • SEO optimized copywriting for the web
  • Landing Page Copy
  • Kick-ass product descriptions
  • Amazon Kindle Copy (sell more ebooks)

Get A Free, No Risk,
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"We are not in the business of being original. We are in the business of reusing things that work.” - John Francis Tighe. 

"Certainly, the best copywriters succeed by breaking the rules. But you have to know the rules before you can break them effectively..” - Robert. W. Bly.