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A Quick Introduction Into The World Of E-mail Marketing

A Quick IntroductionIf you have been blogging for a while, you might hear how important it is to build an email list. And that’s true, but what they often don’t say is that your list is worthless if you don’t frequently follow up with them. It’s like getting a girls number, but not calling her out for a date.

Now think about the emails you enjoy opening. Are there some people in your inbox that always seem to trigger you to open their emails? Do they send you emails frequently? Do you mind the frequency?

I bet you wouldn’t mind getting awesome information that you love delivered right into your inbox multiple times a week, right? And this is exactly what good emails do. They tell stories, learn you new things, make you laugh, speak to you directly and..sell.Continue reading

January 22, 2015

7 Ethical Ways To Improve Your E-mail Open Rates Fast

Nobody opens my e-mails _-(Are your open rates too low? I know it can be a struggle. After all, the average inbox is *BOMBARDED* with emails every single day — and for sure they won’t open everyone of ’em, right?

But it does suck, because if nobody reads your message it’s kind of like talking to a mannequin.

Not that fun.

If you run a business, money needs to be made. You need them to at least open the e-mail before you can get them to do anything else.

This is the proces when i’m checking my e-mails:
scan, delete, delete. scan; hmm, looks interesting!

I am sure that we have something in common there. So how do you get people interested to read your e-mails?Continue reading