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5 Tips to Get Clients When starting Out As a Freelancer

1438640809_business_stack_money_cash_salaryWhen starting out as a freelancer, you need those first few clients who can give you recommendations and referrals that will propel you to more work in the future.

This is a challenge.

With no referrals, you will have to be more creative about getting work that will, in turn, get you to receive more work.

It might feel like climbing a steep mountain. But what it comes down to, is a matter of doing the right things.Continue reading

The Simple Proven Writing Formula That You Can Use To Influence People


Writing is hard. For most of us, it doesn’t come naturally. There is a saying that the best skill of writers is avoiding to write – if you are blogging, you might have been doing the same.

Allowing yourself to get sidetracked on Facebook for 2 minutes of checking some updates sometimes turns into 30 minutes of watching YouTube videos.

But what if you had a proven formula, that would get results every-single-time…

Wouldn’t that be nice?Continue reading

Give Action A Chance

chess-316657_1280Meet Action. He is not very popular.

But Action doesn’t care. Because HE knows that those who give him a chance will see how powerful he is.

Action knows that people are always in their minds. Thinking about why they SHOULDN’T do things.

“Are you really going to write a book? YOU?!”  Continue reading

March 8, 2015

10 Great Openings For Selling Products

10 great openings for selling-3The point of this article is not for you to copy these 1 on 1, but it gives you an idea on the many possibilities to sell your product, and to demistify copywriting by showing you examples.

In some cases, however, copying these examples might be a great idea! You are welcome and encouraged to keep these in a swipe file. Good luck 🙂Continue reading

February 15, 2015

5 Books Every Entrepeneur Should Read

SEO Tactics You Shou-3
1. Mark Divine – The Way Of The SEAL

markdivineMark Divine was living a successful life as an accountant, but he always felt that the corporate life wasn’t for him. He decided to pursue a life as a Navy SEAL. He made it. But if you think that’s cool, that’s not all.

This is an action book. It contains many lessons on leadership, how to turn your plans into reality, how to get people to see your vision,  mind exercises that he learned from his experience with the SEALS and karate – and so much more.Continue reading