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April 20, 2015

11 Blogging Tips And Tricks You’ll Love


Everybody needs some blogging tips and tricks now and then to refresh their minds, or simply get a new idea.

Bloggers block is a sucky useless thing to have. There are plenty of ideas to execute. Why does it still happen? I think the most common reason is that we set high expectations of ourselves.

Or maybe you’re trying to please every single person that visits your website? That’s a recipe for failure, too.

So, how to do blogging the right way? Here are 11 tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Character

You are who you are. Show it in your writing. Be personal.

Remember that you can’t write for everyone anyway. You are writing for those people who are most likely to appreciate your writing and the style you have developed.

Write like you would talk in a personal conversation with a friend.

I still remember my dutch teacher talking in her robotic monotone voice. She was a very effective hypnotist, and put me and the rest off the class to sleep.

My point? Prevent your writing from looking like a machine did it.

Pour some emotion in your writing, spice it up with an unusual word, or even curse a little bit here and there. That will grab the attention.

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March 6, 2015

How To Write Headlines That Work

SEO Tactics You ShouI suppose that i should use this place to talk about how important headlines are, but you’re smart and you got here so you already know that : -) So let’s jump right into the beef. Agree? Here’s how to write headlines that work:

Use Curiosity

saved-bunnyI am a very curious person, but wait…aren’t we all? It is simply human nature. Write a headline that will tease just enough, and we can’t resist clicking. This is why websites like ViralNova and BuzzFeed are successful.

Just a grab of headlines of these sites will prove it:

Now here is the original source (CNN) that gives it away right in the headline:
Giant Florida eyeball belonged to a swordfish, state says

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