May 11, 2015

A Quick Introduction Into The World Of E-mail Marketing

A Quick IntroductionIf you have been blogging for a while, you might hear how important it is to build an email list. And that’s true, but what they often don’t say is that your list is worthless if you don’t frequently follow up with them. It’s like getting a girls number, but not calling her out for a date.

Now think about the emails you enjoy opening. Are there some people in your inbox that always seem to trigger you to open their emails? Do they send you emails frequently? Do you mind the frequency?

I bet you wouldn’t mind getting awesome information that you love delivered right into your inbox multiple times a week, right? And this is exactly what good emails do. They tell stories, learn you new things, make you laugh, speak to you directly and..sell.

If an email contains great information, subscribers won’t mind if you sell them things ethically. You are selling are solutions to the problems they are having. And you got their attention by giving valuable information that they needed, and didn’t even have to pay for it!

So can you really teach and sell at the same time? You sure can!

Prove That You Have The Meat

It goes something like:

You: Hey, here’s an awesome blog post for you.
Potential customer: Thanks man!

You: Hey, download my new e-book with awesome new info on [subject] for FREE!
Potential customer: Wow! Amazing! You could have people pay for this!

You: Hey, here’s an awesome cheat sheet on [subject] to keep handy at all times.
Potential customer: Cool!

You: Hey, here are some free tricks on [subject]. And if you liked what i have sent you before, i am sure you’re gonna LOVE my product. Check it out!
Potential customer: If it’s anything from you, it must be worth the money ten times over.

Interact With Your Subscribers Regularly

Before a customer buys a product from you, they might have interacted with you up to 10 times or over. If you want to be successful with e-mail marketing, your focus must be providing value beyond expectation.

This is how you’ll get noticed. If you do a good job and build a strong reputation of a honest, valuable person / company whose products are great, people will always find you through the inbox clutter.

Don’t abuse the power that they trust you with by allowing you to send them e-mail multiple times a week, a reputation is hard to build but can be broken within a second.

Their inbox is a very personal channel. So i suggest that you do just that, be personal. Literally, treat them like a friend.

  • You would never screw a friend over
  • You would never advise a product to him that wouldn’t help him
  • You always make sure that he receives more value than he pays for

But you might make a friend laugh, or say “Guess what?” and not explain what you are about to tell him. You can do the same with your e-mail communications. Because if you want them to read it, the headline is ultimately what decides them to open or not. You need to tease them a little 🙂

Email Subject Tips You’ll Remind

  • keep them short
  • don’t give it away in the headline (or they won’t have to open it!)
  • aim for curiosity
  • keep certain words in mind to avoid spam filters (“make money online” – for instance)
    here’s the ultimate list of email spam trigger words
  • sometimes, bold is good.
    example: Say, you sell a product on persuasion. Your list knows this. So if you would want to write a bold headline, you could do something like: “I’ll persuade you to buy my product”.
  • if you’re going to teach them a few tricks, a “right in your face” description often works well. If you are giving away some tax tricks, it would be: “This email will save you money”.

E-Mail Marketing Providers

1431390504_mail-512A lot of Email marketing providers like Mailchimp, Aweber and Getresponse allow you to capture the name of the person, so you can personalize your e-mails. This is good, but if you overdo it you’ll risk looking creepy.

I have used all 3 and i recommend either one of them to start collecting and contacting your leads.

Autoresponders & Broadcasts

These email marketing providers also have a function called “autoresponders” and this is a VERY valuable function for every marketer. What it is? An autoresponder allows you to send a sequence of messages automatically.

For example, if someone signs up to your list, it is smart to e-mail them quite frequently in the beginning so they can get to know you and what you are about. You could set up a 30 day sequence of messages that automatically builds a relationship with your readers.

Neville from Kopywriting Kourse calls them magical slave machines, which is a much better description. He sells a product which shows you how to make your own high converting autoresponder sequence which is more than worth the money.

Besides autoresponders, you can send broadcast messages. You can schedule them, but these are messages that are not sequenced. They are meant to be sent just once, like promotional e-mails. This does not mean that broadcast messages are not used for building relationships.

Remember this: every single piece of communication between you and the person on your list is either strengthening or breaking down the relationship.

You Are The Problem Solver

Your focus should be solving the main road blocks that they come across on their road to achieving their desired results. Some people aren’t even conscious of the road blocks that will come on their path, and you will have to point it out to them. And after you did and you have their attention, you show them how your product can help to solve that problem.

And if you don’t what the main issues of your prospects are, why not just ask? The first e-mail that i ever received from Brian Dean of Backlinko was “What is the one thing i can help you with right now?”

This is a great way to get an idea of what your audience wants to learn from you, so you can create content and products around this need.


Are there questions that i didn’t solve? I’d love to help you out. Just leave a comment below and i’ll get back to you asap 🙂

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