July 23, 2015

A 3 Minute Lesson To Engage Your Blog Audience

amsterdam-686460_1280I was walking through Amsterdam yesterday…

There was a nice warm breeze and the sky was blue as could be. It was one of those perfect days.

As i walked passed the canals with beautiful old houses on each side, looking at all the little boats and cyclists passing by, i was once again reminded how beautiful my city really is. The old buildings all have their own character. They are like art works with plenty of detail, it’s impossible to get bored looking at them.

As i was walking, occasionally i was confronted by a light aroma of marijuana when walking past a coffeeshop, and the hunger inducing smells of the plentiful fast-food restaurants.

People of all nationalities walk, cycle, drive through these narrow streets – all seemingly getting along very well. You could hear the background noises of traffic, tourists and locals talking while walking through town.

It’s chaotic, but beautiful..

Hold up, wait a second…

Wasn’t this supposed to be an article about engaging your blog audience?

Yeah, you’re right. But that’s exactly what i just did.

I made you visualize the canals, the beautiful old houses, little boats, and passing cyclists. You probably even felt some sort of sensation when you read ‘warm breeze’.

If you are familiar with the smell of marijuana, you might have recalled it. If you have never even encountered it, you have probably tried to imagine what it smells like. All this happens unconsciously.

Do you think that if i didn’t put an image there, you wouldn’t have visualized anything?

I warn you to read on..

If You Read This You’ll Gain Weight

Just because you’re reading these words right now, i can infect you with a mind virus.

A mind virus? Yeah, right!

Well the truth is, you get infected by them all the time.

You don’t think i can do it right?


Just be careful.

I can actually make you gain weight 😉

I was eating a SNICKERS bar yesterday, it was so good. I was hungry, and i immediately felt better after eating it! It must not be so bad for your health, right?

But then at night, i ate a whole lot of ice cream..It must have been a whole bucket of BEN & JERRYS. Maybe that wasn’t so smart. But it was worth it..It was the BEN & JERRYS Caramel Chew Chew.

I tried to stop, but the combination of the caramel and ice cream melting in my mouth was heavenly. You really can’t get anything better. I just love the smell of caramel and the way it curls up when i take a scoop.

Dang, i’m getting hungry. What’s your favorite snack?

Now tell me the honest answer to these questions:

  • When i mention SNICKERS, can you see the actual bar in your minds-eye?
  • How about the BEN & JERRYS? Feel like eating ice cream now?
  • Did you think about your favorite snack and visualize it?
  • Didn’t i warn you?!

Words are powerful.

Put All Senses on Overdrive

So, my quick copy lesson is this: If you have trouble engaging your readers, try putting all of their senses on overdrive. This is a very powerful tool for blogging and selling.

I could say “the ice cream was good”, but saying “the combination of the caramel and ice cream melting in my mouth was heavenly” speaks more to your imagination.

I could say “there were background noises”, but saying “You could hear the background noises of traffic, tourists and locals talking while walking through town” is way more specific to engage you.

So try this out, engage the senses and engage you audience. I’d love to know what you come up with!

Jasper Oldersom

Hey, I am Jasper and I am an authentic freelance (copy)writer and marketer. If you need time to focus on other parts of your business, while I write a quality article for your website - I'm your guy.

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donnaamos - August 3, 2015 Reply

Jasper, I love your writing style. You made me want to visit Amsterdam and want a Snickers bar. LOL Thanks for a great post. Have a great week.

    Jasper Oldersom - August 3, 2015 Reply

    Wow, i am so glad you like it Donna 🙂 I love your posts as well.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

Adrienne - August 5, 2015 Reply

Hey Jasper,

I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam, it sounds like such a beautiful place. I’ve seen so many pictures of it over the years and heard so many wonderful things about it. Maybe I’ll get there someday.

I didn’t actually visualize it or taste or smell those things. I do though enjoy being put into a conversation or made to feel like you’re talking just to me. I think that’s so important and for those that can quickly visualize or smell aromas then that would of course work beautifully as well.

I understand the direction you’re going with this and I do agree. Put your readers in the picture and they’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

Thanks for this wonderful advice and I do hope you’re having a terrific week.


    Jasper Oldersom - August 5, 2015 Reply

    Hey Adrienne,

    First of all, thank you so much for reading my post. I really appreciate it a lot 🙂 Yes, it’s true that Amsterdam is a beautiful place! I really hope you’ll visit my lovely little city one day.

    I am sorry i didn’t push your sense-buttons enough! 🙁 I could have gone way more in depth on this topic – and i probably will. I hope i’ll able to engage you more on that one! My “mission” for this post really to give a 3 minute lesson that people can apply to their blog right away.

    It’s true that every person has different representational systems. This is in short how we process information. I am a very visual person. If i read “big angry guy with black shirt” for example, i can see someone in my minds eye – while the description isn’t even specific, lol!

    So if someone is talking to me and i am empathizing with someone, i might say “yeah, i can imagine”. If you are more of an auditory person, you might say “yeah, i hear you” – if you’re kinesthetic, you’ll probably say “yeah, i feel the same way” or “i feel you on that one”.

    I can’t say 100% sure, but i think you’re auditory. Why?

    Because you said it “sounds” like such a beautiful place, and “heard” so many wonderful things about it.

    Also, you mentioned that you didn’t visualize, taste or smell anything, but dó enjoy being but into a “conversation” and “made to feel like i’m just “talking” to you.

    People often refer to their representational system of choice in their language (while 99.9% of the time not being conscious about it).

    So maybe what you’re doing while you’re reading the words is hearing them in your mind. Or maybe im just way off! 🙂

    Here’s some more info on representational systems if you’re curious to find out which one you are for sure: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_systems_(NLP)

    Can’t thank you enough for stopping by Adrienne!!

    – Jasper

      Adrienne - August 10, 2015 Reply

      Hey Jasper,

      Your lesson was great but as you know, everyone is different. Unless I have a picture that I’m looking at I don’t do as well visualizing or smelling things.

      Like if you say I just ate this really awesome banana then I can visualize and taste that banana because I love them, I know what they taste like and I know what they look like. As your example of a guy in a black shirt, I know what a black shirt looks like but you would have to tell me someone in particular for me to be able to visualize that person. I’m not good with trying to come up with that on my own. Weird, I know.

      You would think that I would be with the wording that I used but I really don’t think that I am because I learn better visually. People get mad at me all the time when I say I’m not a very creative person because I know my definition of what I’m thinking that person is and theirs are different. I just am not good at visualizing things that I’ve never seen before or often. I learn better though watching then listening.

      One thing is for sure though , I love conversations! 😉

      Adrienne recently posted…How to Have Massive Success With Your BlogMy Profile

Mark - August 13, 2015 Reply

Excellent job jasper!

I’m not sure what exactly it is you freelance, but
it should definitely include, teaching basic marketing and copy writing
for serious small business owners and or service providers!LOL!

You really hit it out of the park!The average small business owners writes like their a bean counter accountant!LOL!

Your writing is far more animated, graphic and illuminating!

You definitely know and understand “how to” get your readers to visualize and or
feel your point of view.

That’s definitely an acquired skill! And it most definitely takes time to
get polished!Great read!And extremely fun!Thanks!
Mark recently posted…How And Why Some Really Great Lead Generation Possibilities Might Be One Doctor Visit Away!!My Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - August 13, 2015 Reply

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you so much for the compliments 🙂 I’m glad you liked the writing and found it engaging. Writing well is definitely an acquired skill.

    Im constantly improving myself by reading a lot and writing a lot. These are the 2 things you must consistently do to master writing.

    Also, i’ve found that writing email copy helps a lot. I signed up to a lot of online marketing blogs, and learned from the way they write their emails.

    I do not copy them, but i just look at the way it’s written, and model it. Eventually, you’ll develop your voice and it becomes your own.

    You just gotta stick with it.

    Have good one, Mark.

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…This Simple but Untapped Strategy can Make You a Popular BloggerMy Profile

Katrin - August 16, 2015 Reply

Hi Jasper,

as I am browsing through your blog posts, I came to notice how much I like your writing style. 🙂
Yes, you have discovered what authentic & empathic writing does to a reader: it builds a connection. It is somewhat the opposite of what we are being taught and imprinted by the mainstream media, as they always use the same phrases to report ever re-occurring events.

Learning about your rapture when eating a Snickers and the ice-cream … well you couldn’t seduce me so much with that, but you skillfully crafted it into words, what it does to you. Well done! It’s entertaining!
Katrin recently posted…When Working Efficiently Is Non-NegotiableMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - August 16, 2015 Reply

    Hi Katrin,

    Why thank you! I’m so glad you like my writing style. I do think i have my own little way of writing. Its far from perfect though, and i’m always learning more from others. Reading has grown to be one of my favorite things to do.

    What we teach in school about writing is about the opposite of what we should be doing when blogging, because essentially you’re always writing for a friend.

    You’re teaching them with all your might, and your own style of teaching will actually help them recall it better. It’s the way the brain works.

    We never have trouble recalling a truly funny scene from a TV show, but a boring news article will fade away fast – if that makes any sense 😉

    Thanks a lot for the compliments and i do hope to see you here again.

    – Jasper
    Jasper Oldersom recently posted…This Simple but Untapped Strategy can Make You a Popular BloggerMy Profile

Lisa - August 18, 2015 Reply

Hi Jasper!
I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam so I was definitely taken in by the start of this post. The image is also beautiful and caught my eye.

My take away here is to paint a realistic picture for your reader, regardless if you are talking about place, a thing, a strategy or something else.

I like it! It’s helpful to make the blog post more relatable to the reader. In order to do that, a blogger should have a good idea of who their target audience is.

Your writing style is lovely and I enjoyed reading this post! Enjoy the ice cream!

Thanks and enjoy the day!
Lisa recently posted…Where to Promote Your Blog PostsMy Profile

Jasper Oldersom - August 19, 2015 Reply

Hey Lisa!

Glad to see you here again 🙂 Amsterdam is beautiful and I do recommend you visit someday. You’ll need 4 eyes to absorb it all, lol! There is a lot to do and see in my city.

I’m glad that’s your takeaway from this one. I intent to go way more in-depth on this topic though! It’s definitely true. Realistic pictures help the reader to visualize and that’s where the magic happens.

For example, let’s say you’re selling perfume with one of the important ingredients being vanilla. Then it would be a lot more effective to note where it comes from. “This perfume contains vanilla by the highest quality standards, hand picked in Madagascar” instead of “contains vanilla”.

If you’re writing an article, being specific, engaging them and painting a picture helps to “suck” them into your words (in a positive way of course, Lisa ;-)). It’s utterly important to know your target audience in order to be able to do this effectively. Great point!

Thanks for visiting Lisa, see you on your blog!

– Jasper
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Cathy Goodwin - September 2, 2015 Reply

Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities! Now you’ve made me want to go back. I call this technique “painting word pictures” and you’re right – it’s the most effective way to build engagement.
Cathy Goodwin recently posted…Sensitive Marketing Advice From 50 Shades of BlondMy Profile

    Jasper Oldersom - September 2, 2015 Reply

    Hey Cathy,

    It IS a beautiful city and I love living there even though it does get cold here in the winters. It does have it’s own charm but i’m not a big fan of cold weather. Hope you’ll get back to visit again someday!

    Painting word pictures…gosh, you stated that perfectly Cathy. Didn’t expect anything less from you though 😉 It’s definitely a powerful tool to build engagement. One that any writer should have in their arsenal.

    I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and leaving a comment here on my blog.

    – Jasper
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Robin Khokhar - April 23, 2016 Reply

Hi Jasper,
Firstly I didn’t get what you were writing in this post, But after going a little deep, it was much interested than any other thing. Enjoyed reading your article.
Thanks for the share.
Robin Khokhar recently posted…How can you make money by tutoring online?My Profile

dhanunjai - June 23, 2016 Reply

i think inorder to engage the audience,the only way is to write interesting content

Gaurav Kumar - November 20, 2016 Reply

Hi Jasper,

I must say WOW!

I really enjoyed your writing style. It is really engaging. This is must in blogging. The more we engage our readers the more success we can get. You have disclosed this fact in real way.

Thanks for sharing!
Gaurav Kumar recently posted…Hostgator 2016 BlackFriday Flash Sale 80% Off : IST and CST TimingsMy Profile

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